Dried Lavender Sachet

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Hand stamped muslin linen sachets filled to the brim with Dried French Lavender provide a strong and lasting fragrance. Dried lavender has been used for thousands of years to scent baths and homes. Eventually it was recognized for its medicinal properties. Sachets filled with dried lavender are used as a natural bug repellent and air freshener when left out in your home or car. They keep linens, towels, and clothing fresh when placed in closets and drawers. Known for its calming, anti-stress properties, lavender is a wonderful scent to fill your space.

Amazingly, you can expect your Dried French Lavender sachets to last for many, many years! When your sachet starts to lose fragrance after a few years, gently shake and squeeze to release more oils from the lavender buds. The strong scent will return once more! Each 4x6 sachet is hand stamped, filled, and tied off with with a bow.

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